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On this Former representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group Roman Bezsmertny said that there was no quarrel through which he could withdraw from the negotiation process in Minsk.

Before pouring According to him, the decision to leave Minsk talks he had taken for the introduction in government positions, in the authority which is the issue of war in the East.

Before the We are talking about Ministers in the occupied territories, Deputy Prime Minister, which deals with the ATO, Deputy Prime Minister for European integration and the like. This formal entity, in the duties of which is to perform these functions," added the Immortal.

Comfortable and Wise use of harm in their favor. On this money have not regretted. And corrupt are happy - goal achieved... something I recall 90s gangster when the cops artificially summed under article of the criminal code, so years, 5-7 years, and then for $5-7tys.

We all In response to this decision the owners of MDK, Sarafanka, OOO and OOO "Germes", filed an appeal, but it was rejected. Ban the court explained that the community albums contained photos that could harm a child's psyche.

If you In October 2015 the Prosecutor's office demanded to ban MDK in Russia - formally, the image of Jesus Christ with the caption, insulting the feelings of believers, and other photos with profanity and pornography signs.

Foundation type The Cabinet was told that it would be a retirement age in Ukraine Minister of social policy Andrei Reva told how to fill the Pension Fund.

Correctly selected Today we are in a situation when a disaster is brewing with pension payments, namely the deficit of the Pension Fund, said Reva.

A good According to the Minister, a return to the rate of single social contribution (single social contribution) 38% that existed previously and was reduced to 22%, to reduce the deficit of the Pension Fund it is impossible.

You have Today in our society there is no perception of this idea and there is no support in the Parliament. That is to say that we go with this proposal, it is premature. This is one of the options, which can be considered theoretically — said Reva.

Then carry He also said that raising the retirement age in Ukraine is not stipulated neither the coalition agreement nor the program of the government.

After completion According to the head of the Ministry of social policy, Ukraine 26 million people of working age, including officially has 16 million Reva said that pensioners in Ukraine 12.5 million.

To make He stressed that the ERU is paying about 10 million people, and added that the current legislation provides benefits to some categories of employees for the payment of the single social contribution, giving the opportunity to do so on a voluntary basis.

Then using The Minister also added: "This means that salaries less than two living wages to pay becomes unprofitable". He believes that at a salary of 3 thousand UAH of ERUs shall be 22%.

Check the During telephone conversations on the night of Monday to Tuesday in the Normandy format with participation of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the sides supported the need to deploy a police mission of the OSCE in the Donbass.

Then proceed The state Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the second and third reading the amendment to the Housing code and individual legislative acts of the Russian Federation, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing Elena Nikolaeva on his page in social network Facebook.

The distance The leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia expressed support for the deployment of police mission of the OSCE in the Donbass and the beginning of consultations on this issue — said the press service of the President of Ukraine, issued on Tuesday night.

After you During the conversation, as reported, the parties also stressed the need for full implementation of the Minsk agreements, including the establishment of prerequisites in terms of safety for local elections in some districts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions on the basis of Ukrainian legislation and standards Bureau.

For this Earlier it was reported that among the participants of the negotiations on the settlement of the situation in the Donbass, there are disputes about the size of the future police contingent to ensure the safety of elections in ORDA.

Then check Recently, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the OSCE and the Western partners of Ukraine are increasingly supporting the idea of sending armed police mission in the East of Ukraine.

You can When children's singer there comes a time to change the audience for the audience of "the twins", always one thing well: the rule of sex sells still did not give failures. This does not mean that there are no other ways, except for the forced transformation into a sex object.

Then proceed Look at Taylor swift, which has hordes of fans, despite supergranny at present. Nevertheless, good girls are willing to behave badly.

In the With 12 years playing in the disney series "Hannah Montana" is a straightforward story about a schoolgirl who is both a pop singer, but keeps it a secret from classmates. More recently, twerk dancing, feigns Masturbation for awards VMA.

For the The new rules clarify the fee structure for utility services, the timing of the implementation of the regional address program on resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, as well as make changes to the law on capital repairs.

If you From now on, the housing payment will include payment for cold and hot water, electric and thermal energy, gas (including cylinders), solid fuel in the presence of furnace heating, the charge for sewage disposal, municipal solid waste management.

Wooden poles According to one of the accepted amendments, the stage of the 2016 regional address programs on resettlement of citizens from emergency housing Fund shall be completed no later than 1 September 2017.

Strip foundations In addition, stipulated that if the timing of the resettlement will be extended, this will not constitute grounds for suspension of financial support to regional authorities. Also in case of delay in execution phase of the resettlement program and not eliminate the infringement.

Strip Foundation Russia needs to return the funds, net of funds enclosed state and (or) municipal contracts for the construction of MKD. The initiators of this document believe that such changes will add stability to the programs of resettlement of citizens from dilapidated and emergency housing.

The bookmark In addition, the package of amendments to the law on capital repairs. Clarified that after July 1, 2016, all unused limits of funds for capital repairs of apartment buildings, formed the subjects of the Russian Federation as of 1 July 2016.

At the Also in the Code of administrative offences amended, carrying the start of application of norms of administrative liability for the improper placement of information in the GIS utilities by management companies, TSZH, ZHSK and RSO on January 1, 2017.

The top That Model looks like, two nominations for "Golden globe", nominated for "Emmy", a black belt in Taekwondo,, handsome husband Jamie bell (one bell — a three-year affair with the main rock of the planet freak Marilyn Manson!), fans of Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.

After pouring On 9 October, the number of views of the viral video "The Fox" by Ylvis Norwegians on YouTube has exceeded 100 million Remember other incendiary viral video: Medvedev dancing to the twerking Miley Cyrus.

In principle The birthday of Monica Bellucci, and learn recipes of beauty Hollywood beauties: natural food and yoga, Botox and the surgeon's scalpel, sex, and extreme sports — or all together.

And all February 17 is the birthday of British actress Bonnie Wright, star of films about the young wizard Harry Potter. In a noticeably grown-up Bonnie's hard to know the student of Hogwarts. We decided to find out what she's doing now she and other young actors of Harry Potter.

Our ancestors To the output of the musical Comedy "I'm so excited" remember the songs that were for the films is no less important than the script and casting.

Indeed more To the output of the action movie "Machete kills", where Lady Gaga played a hit woman, remember the other singer who achieved success on the big screen.

In this October 18, the star of "the Paperboy" and "high School musical" turns 26. Remember former teen idol of all the most important. Hollywood producers finally decided on the actors who will star in the movie "Fifty shades of grey".

However more 10 sexiest actors of the series most of the sex symbols we are now open thanks to the TV series, not a great movie. Remember the most desirable TV actors 2010.

In Karelia New Hollywood trend — short hair. Asymmetric quads, a trendy Bob or classic "under the boy" — at least long curls down! This week with a new hairstyle, were published two fashionista — actress Julianne Hough and country singer Taylor swift.

By the way 11 February is the 45th anniversary of one of the most brilliant comedic Actresses — Jennifer aniston. The star of the series "Friends" manage to look almost two times younger than his years. Find out what she is worth.

And feature Miley Cyrus and 3 bad girls Understand, like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Selena Gomez of the good girls become real tear.

As for When you look at the list of countries where you can break away at the last moment, it seems that most of them are located too far: in Asia or Latin America. However, in Europe there are States for which the visa the Russians do not need.

As you "Wait, five more minutes and I'm ready." "Honey, I'm fat or not?" We collected women's 7 wacky phrases and habits that are so enraged men. And tried to translate them with female human.

Here even Shoes should be not only beautiful but also comfortable, because in the summer so want to walk and enjoy the warm weather. Good designers in recent years focused on comfort, so the choice of models is wide as ever.

In this Have long known that the fight against excess weight, regular exercise and quitting Smoking — effective ways to reduce the risks, but the importance of what you eat, underestimate not worth it.

In General Let's say you, like the heroine of the film "Baby" with keira Knightley, decided to disguise as a teenager. Let's assume that appearances don't give you away. But looks are not everything. Teenage Wednesday is a special cultural code: language, movies, memes and Hobbies.

Also in In 2015, Sochi was visited by a record number of tourists — only in the summer to sunbathe on the local beaches and take a picture with a parrot on the background of the waves came three million people. We found out how much it will cost the desire to live in Sochi.

And visiting Ended the 69th Cannes film festival, which will be definitely remembered for his incredible competitive program and unexpected decision of the jury. And yet traditional "zabaliunas" movies, "nudity" on the red carpet and tears.

Them look Despite the fact that we cannot stop the natural aging process, it is possible to undertake a number of efforts to reduce negative effects on the skin adverse environmental factors, UV radiation and irritating action of household chemicals.

An example The loss of the expedition is always a mystery. Trained people, explorers, explorers of the tropics, the pioneers disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Traces of some groups were never found.

If we The story of the knife begins about 75 thousand years ago, 50 thousand years earlier than commonly believed. For many centuries, the knife has changed from a pointed piece of stone to the elegant, well-made tool steel.

So the From-for incorrectly chosen wall colors and furniture can disrupt sleep, worsen mood, decrease performance and even develop depression.

But in For a comfortable sleep and proper rest is very important to equip the bedroom. It is no secret that the color of the surrounding space has a significant impact on our mood, health and psychological comfort.

But not If we are talking about bedroom, then because of incorrectly matched the color of the walls and furniture can disrupt sleep, worsen mood, decrease performance and even develop depression.

And this So when you make such an important space, like the bedroom, it makes sense to heed the recommendations of psychologists to ensure yourself a sound sleep, peace of mind, cheerfulness and good mood.

From the Since ancient times, the classical color scheme for the bedroom are considered pastel colors. This is a relaxing and calming effect they have on our psyche.

The construction If juicy, bright shades stimulate and strain the attention, then soft pastel colors, on the contrary, soothes, adjusts to rest, relieves stress and arousal.

In the Almost every color can find delicate muted pastel shade and make a bedroom in your favorite color scheme, which always pleases and causes pleasant emotions.

Construction of If your life lacking confidence and stability, psychologists advise to make a respectable bedroom in a classic style that every day will give the appropriate mood and help you to achieve great success.

This allows Great color scheme for a bedroom can become a time-tested win-win combination of ivory, milky or beige with various shades of gray, and coffee brown.

Manual cutting In the bedroom, whose Windows overlook the Sunny side, it is often too hot and not enough air. Subtle shades of cold colors will help to create a feeling of coolness, freshness and spaciousness.

If the It is very important for a good night's sleep, because in a hot, stuffy room it's impossible to fully relax and unwind. Light shades of blue, lavender, lilac, pistachio and sea green in combination with white, cream.

But the In that case, if the bedroom is too cold or too little light, come to the aid of warm colors. And for the too dark or small room is better to choose the most pale, delicate shades.

The process And in the bright and spacious rooms, you can use more saturated, but not too bright colors. Delicate shades of beige, yellow, gold, peach, pink and terracotta colors will give a feeling of warmth and coziness.

The manufacturing Regarding the choice of white color for the bedroom, here the opinions of psychologists differ: some consider it too cold, bleak and even causing unpleasant Association with the hospital.

Also treated But in most sources the white interior is still acceptable, especially if you make nice color accents to enhance the design of the original decor.

When the Modern psychology considers purple bedrooms color is unfavorable, causing depression and depressive thoughts. The same applies to interiors too dark (dark brown, black, etc.). The overabundance of dark colors in the bedroom depressing, causes stress and anxiety.

Production processing For example, fashionable now dark brown walls – not the best choice, especially if this room will not only sleep, but also to spend some of the time during the day, for example, at work on the computer, reading or watching TV.

Such grooves The color of the interior too bright, saturated colours is also desirable for the bedroom because of the overly aggressive, disturbing effects on the psyche.

In the In this space you do not get to relax, forget the problems and sleep well; the bed will lose its primary function – a place for rest and recuperation.

Ready a very If you love bright colors, and certainly want to see them in the bedroom, can moderately use textiles or individual small items, and interior decor as the vivid color accents.

Round logs Chartblog again went to visit, and this time we invited Anya — Deputy managing Director network of wine houses kaudal'". She recently moved into a new apartment 48 m2 near the metro station Dubrovka.

The house The apartment originally had no walls and was a single room with two Windows to the floor. Anya remembers that the space seemed to her like a concrete cube, which I really wanted to increase.

There is First she hired an architect who did the layout (he introduced about ten options before decided the best), and then turned to his friends from Woodi furniture Bureau for help in design. The repair took about eight months.

When to build I love the clean, not cluttered space. It was important for me that the apartment I felt the air and some space. It seems to me, in this room lives easier. A few years ago I read a book by Dominic loro "the Art of living simply".

Wood, as In particular, the book says that you do not need to clutter your house with unnecessary things: it leads to chaos in life. This book was very inspiring to me, and when it is repair time, I realized that I wanted to follow the principle: less is better.

In order At the stage of planning it was decided that it is necessary to allocate space for a spacious bathroom, as well as to consider ample storage. In the end, the apartment, which was sold as a one-room apartment was divided into two big areas: a bedroom and a living room combined with kitchen.

Modular buildings My friends from Woodi Bureau, which produce stunningly stylish furniture, agreed to help me with the repair, despite the fact that they are mostly spetsializiruyutsya for retail space.

Such buildings They came up with the concept of the interior in terms of design: white-gray color scheme, diluted with bright accents, tiles, retro-elements.

The mechanism Before to start repair, Anya decided that there must necessarily be in the apartment of her dreams: the white walls Antique White (a perfect basis for the design of visually expanding the space), flooring, "French tree" (our heroine associate it with home comfort).

Designs of this And since dreams are, they can come true! Favorite place in the house was the kitchen, despite the fact that Anya is preparing quite rare. But she says that it often have guests who enjoy a true culinary duels.

After the At first I was afraid that because of the small area of my friends will not be able to come here in full force. It turned out well, living room and kitchen safely accommodate up to fifteen people.

Extremely diverse Anya didn't want to make a classic kitchen set and chose him open shelves and one closed Cabinet that hides the glass dish.

In such I don't have a large number of dishes that I need to store somewhere, so I have enough of those shelves that is. Plus always nice to see their stocks of spices and seasonings when cooking.

Buildings are And yet, when I thought about filling the kitchen, I knew I just need to somehow fit on the lower tier of the dishwasher, the oven and my dream — wine Cabinet Liebherr. My work is connected with wine, and I naturally wanted to be in my house always had a few good bottles of wine.

Any of the Pictures with dogs Anya brought from Barcelona. There she bought them from the artist Vera Uvarova, which draws only dogs, and dogs are not simple, and with the characteristics of her ex-Boyfriends. Anya says that she liked the color palette of the paintings, the writing style and the humor inherent in the idea.

Board is Storage system in the apartment is carefully hidden. Firstly, it is necessary to note a spacious wardrobe in the corridor, in which to store outerwear and shoes, and secondly, opposite to it there are a couple hidden doors, which hide the washer / dryer and utility Cabinet.

In order Plan for Anya thought it worth to separate small dressing room in the bedroom or is it better to restrict a spacious wardrobe in the wall. The choice fell on the second option. We see that in the bedroom the main decoration is the window in the wall, a bright rug and a chest of drawers from Woodi Furniture.

The strength Incidentally, due to the fact that the layout of the new house assumed the panoramic Windows, the builders had to lay the radiator in the floor. It was a fairly expensive item in the repair.

If you Most in the apartment Ani I have conquered the bathroom: it is so unusual and stylish! The actual interferences: suspended lights — Buster + Punch (went from England four months), green locker — IKEA, picture — Italian mosaic (it appeared before the renovation, Anya brought this work from the exhibition in Saint-Petersburg).

The methodology My tub reminds me of a mini pool because it is deep enough and it is placed very much water. It looks very stylish, although the cost of it is relatively modest. The only — work on laying the tile has been painstakingly according to workers.

Regardless of Please note that the mirror behind the sink extends to the ceiling. This is no accident: this technique visually enhances the space.

In addition Since Anna lives in an apartment just a few months, it will have to fill out some empty space to hang a TV in the living room, pictures over the headboard in the bedroom and a bookshelf on the wall between the kitchen and hallway.

Those who Any interior develops over time, supplemented and changed, and it's great! Chartblog wants Ana to her apartment was always for her the cosy harbour, where nice to come back after work.

You can Physiotherapist and trainer Studio personal training Pilates PMP talks about exercises that relieve back pain those who spend a working day at the office.

Only a proper Fascinate many strange phenomena occurring on other planets. It seems that we need only to reach these distant worlds, as all the mysteries will dissipate. However, in the world there are many unusual phenomena, in whose nature scientists still can not understand.

Tall buildings How does it feel to be in active search and listen to mom's advice? It turns out, not so scary, especially if she's Dating.

Frame construction The owners of the old house were set the task to transform it, making it modern, bright, spacious enough, open. They were ready to go for bold changes. What came out of it, you can see.

For Europe Ancient castles and typical Soviet residential districts, ice cream and a carousel as a child, cheap and cozy cafes and all this is located in the capital of Belarus, at a distance of 11 hours by train from Moscow. Called the most important reasons to travel to Minsk.

The basis We track the process of the birth of one of the most intriguing innovations of the Russian automotive industry in recent years. In good tradition of such articles we will add this material to all emerging evidence on promising UAZ-3170 with a monocoque body.